Sex Change (SRS)


    16 Days


  1. Arrive in Bangkok Airport. Meet with BCOSS staff and be escorted to the Hospital.
  2. Pre-surgery night in a private room in hotel


  1. Appointment with our doctor for clinical interview/consultation.
  2. Check medical documents
  3. Psychiatric tests (if necessary)
  4. Admission to Hospital. You will be requested to sign hospital consent forms.
  5. A nurse will come to clean and shave your genital area after you have showered. Afterwards, your perineum will be shaved before surgery. You will be given enema.

Preparation for surgery: You will have your genital area shaved, be given an enema (colon cleansing), and start on an IV fluid. No food and drink 8 hours before the operation. The anesthesiologist may meet you at your room or at the operating theatre before starting surgery.

    The operation time:
    The operation takes 4-5 hours for penile skin inversion technique, and 5-6 hours for penile skin      inversion plus scrotal skin graft.

DAY 3-5
Early post operative period: Stay in bed. You will feel sleepy from the effects of anesthesia and antibiotics. You will be able to have soft meal. The urine catheter might irritate you and feel the need to urinate. A nurse will come and bath you twice a day and change your bedding as often as necessary

The dressing gauze and the catheter will be removed. You can urinate take a shower and to be discharged back to hotel on the 5th day. Upon checking the results you may leave the hospital and check in to your chosen hotel. You can walk and urinate by yourself, learn to take care of your neo-vagina and to be a new you.

DAY 6-10
These should be rest at your hotel and relax on the bed on the 8th day.

    Stitches off
    Some stitches will be removed from outer labia at day 6 after surgery to reduce scar formation.
    On the 7th day we will teach you how to dilate with a small dilation. The large dilation can be used on the 21st day post-op.

DAY 8 – 14
Post operative recovery:
Staying at your hotel and starting neo-vaginal dilation. You are recommended to walk not more than 1-2 hours to prevent the ----- of the wound healing. Our staff will assist you in cleansing and starting neo-vaginal dilation.

DAY 14
If you were at your chosen hotel. Please return to the hospital where the doctor will remove sutures from the labia and do a final examination. You will receive a final postoperative recovery check up and some medications. You will also receive a medical certificate that authenticates the surgery and recommends that you receive a legal change of sex.

DAY 16
In case that you have a normal healing and do not have other complications, you will be able to depart to your country. However, we recommend you stay in Thailand for 3 weeks after surgery, to make sure the surgical wound is fully healed.



sex change,srs
Before Surgery

sex change,srs
After Surgery




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