Sex Change (SRS)

    Post-Operative period in hospital

    Catheter and Tube drains:
    Tube drains and the urinary catheter will be left in place for 5 days when you wake up you will feel tube drain and the urine catheter that will be left in place for 5 day.  You will feel like to urinate because of bladder irritation by the catheter.  Do not worry because the urine can gradually pass through the catheter.  On the 3rd day you will be easy to move around. We will start to train bladder by clamping urine catheter every 4 hours to keep bladder muscle tone and function normal to reduce the problem of urination. After the catheter is removed, you will be able to urinate by yourself while sitting.
    After you recover from the anesthesia you may feel pain but it is minimal and usually lasts for the first day and will gradually subside. You will receive IV fluid and some potent antibiotics. IV morphine for pain alltime in the first day. On the 2nd day the pain will be much subside and oral analgesia can now relieve pain. But if it is still very painful, you can ask for intermittent morphine injection.
    Upon waking up you will be able to have drinks and soft meal in the first few days and you will start regular meals after you are able to have bowel movement. Do not have fruit, vegetable or fiber-rich food to avoid passing stool.
    Anyway, if you have to pass the stool it can be done but you have to carefully clean the anal area because it is very close to the surgical wound. On the 3rd day, the day that we start bladder training, you can get up and walk around inside the room or sit in bedside sofa.
    Vaginal stent:
    The vaginal packing will be left in place for 5 days. On the 5th day, vaginal packing, tube drain, and catheter will be removed in the same time in order to keep it clean and free from infection.
    The post operative period will require a 6 day stay in the hospital. After the vaginal packing is removed you will be able to walk and leave the hospital. You will also require an additional 7-14 days to recuperate and be ready for travel. You are recommended to stay at a hotel close by our clinic and taken care of by our nursing team until you leave Thailand.
    After the packing removal, there might be some bleeding from vagina and urethral opening. We advise you to stretch your leg, close your knees together and stay still for 30 minutes, the bleeding will stop spontaneously. If it is not stopped, pressure compression by gauze can help to stop bleeding.
After packing removal the nurse will help you to go to the toilet to take the first shower and start to urinate. At the first time to void with all bladder power because it is swelling around the urethral opening. To pass the urine to this area you need more power than normal voiding.       If you can void, you can move to the nearby hotel. If you can not pass the urine you have to stay in the hospital and might need catheter retaining for another week.
If you already move to the hotel and have problems urinating, you should come back to the hospital or call our hotline number to give you advice and replace another catheter by our nurses.
    If you can pass urine, you can leave the hospital. This is the checklist of stuff that we will provide to you to take to the hotel.
    1. Appointment card we will make  appointment on 7th day after operation or the 2nd day  after discharge from  the hospital for partial stitch off, exam the vaginal cavity and start  dilation. On this day please bring  a small dilator  and a piece of napkin with you to the clinic 10th day  after operation to    check the operation wound 14th day  for vaginal examination and total stitch off final check  on the day before you leave Bangkok
    2.  Namecard of our staff and hospital in case of emergency problem of wound care or urination problem---do not hesitate to call us to help you, or in case you get loss during travel around you can call us
    3. Donut ring to sit on. It will make you more comfortable not to sit on surgical wounds.
    4.  2 sizes of dilator or mold
    5.   5 pack of condom
    6. Syringe ball for vaginal douches
    7. Post-op medication
    8.  1 bottle of betabine
    9. 1 mobile phone. We will provide you a registered mobile phone. This mobile phone have limited call out service (300 baht or 10$) but unlimited calling service. So we provide in case that you want to receive call from your friend or emergency situation to call our staffs. So do not use for international call. Anyway, if you want to extend your calling time you can buy the card at any 7-11 shop.
    10. 1 tube of syerile gel
    11. A  pack of bluepad



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