Sex Change (SRS)

    Pre-Operative Care

    1. One letter recommend the S.R.S. from; either i. Therapist ii. Psychiatrist iii. Endocrinologist or General Practitioner
    2. Discontinue hormone treatment at least 14 days prior to surgery. Hormones should be halted to reduce the risk of thrombosis (blood clots). Oral tablets should be halted two weeks prior to surgery and injectables should be halted four weeks prior to surgery. Oral antiandrogens can be halted three days before surgery (four weeks if injectables).
    3. Have your private doctor performed preoperative physical check up within three months prior to SRS. Patients must also be confirmed by a private physician to be free from serious medical diseases and must pass the following blood tests:

  • CBC, HIV Electrolytes, FBS, Creatinine Urinalysis
  • Alkaline Phosphatase, Chest X-ray
and e-mail the results.
    4. Reduced smoking, No aspirin and ibuprofen (Advil etc.) and Vitamin. E.
    5. G.R.S. date; should send the Fax, email. For appointment one month prior to surgery date and itinerary.
    6. HIV + can be done but will cost 30% extra due to the necessity of using disposable instrument.
    7. Must stop taking aspirins three weeks prior to the surgery.
    8. It is best to stop alcohol consumption one week prior to the surgery.
    9. on the day before     operation the bowel will  be prepared and cleaned.
    10.  The period of your total stay should be discussed before scheduling your flight. Please arrange your flight to arrive Bangkok before your surgery 2-3 days.
    11.  Any female hormones, including spironolactone must be stopped prior to surgery, 2 weeks for oral tablets and 4 weeks for injection, to prevent the risk of thrombosis (blood clot in the vessels).     12.  Aspirin and Vitamin E must also be halted 2 weeks before surgery as they interfere with normal blood clothing.
    13.  No need for any particular vaccination except for those who come from or through the countries where there are reported cases of Yellow Fever.
    14.  Please do not carry any unnecessary drugs or personal belongings in your baggage. For clothing -Thin cotton is the best.
    15.  Foreign visitors may bring unlimited amount of Thai or foreign currencies.
    16.  For travelers leaving Thailand, the maximum amount permitted to take out without prior authorization is 50,000 Baht per person.

    Appointment with Surgeon

    The operation can be arranged once you have all the required papers ready. Just inform us of your convenient date at least one month in advance prior to arrival, either by click here to contact us via e-mail at, or by faxing us at (66)02-895-6576, or by calling us at (66) 02-895-6585

    Prepare for surgery

  • Inform us your age, height/weight, your known underlying diseases and also any unusual conditions that may have an impact on the procedure.
  • If your age is over 40, please send the report of your current lab test include complete blood count (CBC), anti HIV, kidney and liver function test, fasting blood sugar, chest x-ray and electrocardiogram (EKG). Also, you should consult the doctor who specializes in medicine that the lab is OK for major operation or not. If you find the serious medical problem, such as heart disease or hypertension, the operation should be postponed and you should be treated until the doctors allow to begin the operation.
  • Tell me the preferred time of your surgery, I try to adjust my schedule to accommodate you.
  • After the tentative arrangement has been made, kindly be advised that I require 10% non-refundable deposit, which can be transferred to my bank account.

    Patients are required to submit following documents before operation.
    1. e-mail scan, fax one piece of photo identification (e.g. drivers license, Passport, etc)
    2. e-mail scan, fax of bank 10% wire transfers (please check at term and payment)
    3. e-mail scan, fax copy of the flight reservation itinerary
    4. original signed (hard-copy) documents of claimed diagnoses or referrals. We will collect
your hard documents during consultation.
    5. Once the applicant has been approved for Penile Skin Inversion (MtF) Surgery, the patient can then make the flight arrangement.
    6.Must discontinue taking hormones three to four weeks prior to and one week after your surgery.

   Personnel Belonging

  • Please carry only essential belonging
  • If the patient arrives alone, it is essential to travel with light luggage (max. 25 kgs)
  • Avoid risking injury during the 4-6 week recovery period.
  • Bring your favorite book or musical CD with you so you can use during pos-top period in hospital and in hotel
  • Give your fiends or relatives the  phone number of our office and hospital before you leave.
  • If you have more than 2 companies with you, you should make hotel reservation for them during the time you stay in the hospital.
  • Bring in the laptop if you have to work with them or in case that you want to use other language (not English or Thai)
  • Generally, in Bangkok, some hospitals have system of Wireless LAN, but if they do not have, there will be hi-speed internet service in hospital that you can uses by buying a card, or else outside the hospital, there are a lot of internet services in stores or in hotels. Anyway, the languages that are used in the desktop or laptop in Thailand are Thai and English. Even though you can encode to other language, you can just read the data, you cannot install the data or type other character that is not English or Thai because the keyboard has only 2 languages.
        Prepare cash for your personnel to stay another 5 days after surgery. (If you would like to stay at hospital hotel room for additional night after surgery is US$ 62 per night excluded meal)
    about $20-40 (U.S.) per day for food expense.
  • Airport Tax on departure is $15 (U.S.)
  • Touring arrangements will be around $100 (U.S.) per day (optional)

     On the day;
    1. The nurse will do complete enema to clean rectum.
    2. Take very nice shower.
    3. Preoperative intravenous fluid and sedation.
    4. In operating room under general anesthesia.
    Surgery takes about three hours

  • Surgical fee 5,000 USD
  • Travel arrangements for 7 days will be at least around 100 USD per day
  • If you are HIV positive, then you are a risk to hospital personnel. For this reason you need to pay an extra 30% of the original charge.

    Airport Immigration and Customs
  • Please present the supporting documents confirming the scheduled operation upon request. Please do not carry any unnecessary drugs or dangerous objects in your luggage.
    Appointment with Surgeon
  • The operation can be arranged once you have all the required papers ready. Just inform us of your earliest convenient date prior to arrival, either by to contact us via e-mail, or by calling us at (66)02- 895-6576

    Letter of Recommendation
  • Two letters are required from foreign patients. One letter must be from either a medical doctor or a psychologist that states the person is a candidate for SRS. The other letter may be from any doctor, showing proof of having been on hormones for at least one year.


sex change,srs
Before Surgery

sex change,srs
After Surgery




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