The operation can be arranged once you have all the required papers ready. Just inform us of your convenient date at least one month in advance prior to arrival, either by clicking here to contact us via e-mail, or by faxing us at (662) 895-6576, or by calling us at (ุุ66) 92-851-2442, (66) 92-854-2442 or email: Patients are required to submit the following documents before operation   :   (Int.’ Patient only)

  1. e-mail scan, fax one piece of photo identification (e.g. drivers license, Passport, etc)
  2. e-mail scan, fax of bank 10% wire transfers (please check at term and payment)
  3. e-mail scan, fax copy of the flight reservation itinerary
  4. Original signed (hard-copy) documents of claimed diagnoses or referrals. We will collect your hard documents during consultation.
  5. Once the applicant has been approved for surgery, the patient can then make the flight arrangement.