About us

BCOSS Clinic is one of Bangkok ’s premiere Centers for Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and cosmetic surgery. With a full compliment of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, BCOSS Clinic can provide for all your skin care and appearance needs. We provide patients with a safe and private setting in which to have their surgery. Post surgical care with the latest treatment modalities is available on site. The large and well trained staff of BCOSS Clinic is always available to answer your questions and fulfill your needs.

Patients who undergo plastic surgery can look forward to gaining self confidence and a sense of well-being from looking, feeling and functioning at their best. For those who wish to enhance their appearance, today’s cosmetic surgical procedures offer patients the opportunity to reshape physical features and improve their self-esteem. The main focus of our practice is the complete satisfaction of cosmetic surgical services to all our patients. Every effort is made to ensure that our patients are comfortable with their decision for cosmetic surgery and are pleased with the results

We provide full range of cosmetic aesthetic procedure that. Chosen by women and men who wish to change or refine their appearance or reduce the effects of aging. Such improvements tend to make people feel better about themselves because they feel better about how they look.

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