BCOSS Clinic is one of Bangkok ’s premiere Centers for Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and cosmetic surgery. With a full compliment of Board Certified Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, BCOSS Clinic can provide for all your skin care and appearance needs. We provide patients with a safe and private setting in which to have their surgery. Post surgical care with the latest treatment modalities is available on site. The large and well trained staff of BCOSS Clinic is always available to answer your questions and fulfill your needs.

Our Services

Face surgery at Bcoss surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Face Surgery

Comprehensive services and treatments to help you look your best.
Breast surgery at Bcoss surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Breast Surgery

One of the most popular changes that satisfies women who wish to enhance, regain or restore balance to their figures.
Sex Change Surgery at Bcoss surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Sex Change Surgery

Our surgeons are the most experienced in the world for Sex Change surgery, and have innovated SRS surgery to achieve the most beautiful and functional results.
One of the passions of our practice is helping transgender women reach their dreams by providing the most advanced and effective surgical techniques in the world.
Body Surgery at Bcoss surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Body Surgery

We offer different operations for your body to improve your shape. From removing excess sagging fat or skin to increasing certain parts to help you feel fully fulfilled.

Male Surgery at Bcoss clinic in Bangkok, Thailand

Male Surgery

For men who wish to gain more confidence and improve your appearance.
Get everything more balanced for your body with us.
Non - Surgery at Bcoss surgery clinic in Bangkok, Thailand


Effective treatments such as fillers and hair treatments to help you boost confidence in your apperance, particularly with reducing signs of aging.




4 Steps Before Surgery

Preparation Before Operation

Checklist to prepare yourself
for the operation.

Flight Arrangement

Please inform us of your flight itinerary
one week before arrival.

Expenses & Payment

Pay for the operation and bring some money for your stay in Thailand.


Schedule a surgery date before your arrival.