Chin Shaving

A classically-shaped face contoured to maximize prevalent norms of attractiveness and beauty.

  • Inform us about any allergies, any serious medical condition(s), and all medications you are taking (both prescription and non-prescription). Tell your doctor if you have any serious medical condition(s). Avoid aspirin, ibuprofen (Advil, etc) , and vitamin E for two weeks prior surgery. Refrain from smoking two weeks before and four weeks after surgery.

The incisions are made either in the mouth or under the chin. The surgeon sculpts the bone to a more pleasing size. For orthognathic surgery, the surgeon will make an incision inside the mouth and reposition the facial bones and fix with plate. The procedure, depending on the extent of the work, takes from less than an hour to approximately three hours.

Surgery Length1-3 hours
Side Effects
Recovery Period7-10 days. Bruising and swelling gone: several weeks.
Stay in Hospital1 day
Stay in Thailand7 – 14 days
  • After surgery, the surgeon usually applies a dressing that will remain in place for two to three days. You will experience some tenderness. Post-operative discomfort can be controlled with prescribed medications. Chewing will probably be limited immediately after chin surgery, and a liquid and soft food diet may be required for a few days after surgery. Most patients feel a stretched, tight sensation after the surgery, but this usually subsides in a week.
  • Recovery, After approximately six weeks, most swelling will be gone, and you can enjoy the results of your procedure. Rigorous activity may be prohibited for the first few weeks after surgery. Normal activity can be resumed after approximately ten days.