Buttock implants

 A buttock enlargement is a cosmetic surgery procedure which makes it possible to change the size and shape of the buttock. This operation is mostly performed in case of men and women who think their buttock is too small or too flat.

The “Full buttock” type butt has become increasingly popular. For some women the butt is a hard area for them to fill out with the shape they are looking for. Genetics and race can play a major role in the shape of a persons butt and no amount of exercise can change it.     Buttock contouring and micro-fat injections can be used to give you the “butt of your dreams.” Liposuction is often used in conjunction with the buttock contouring procedure to further contour and smoothen the transition from the waist to the buttocks and the buttocks to the thighs.

Buttock contouring can be achieved through a couple of methods. Fat can be transferred to the gluteal region from another part of the body to give the buttocks volume and shape while at the same time decreasing the excess volume from the source location. The dilemma with the fat transfer method is that people who would like to add volume to their buttocks generally are thin and don’t have a fat reserve to pull from. Another option is the buttock implant. Unlike the fluid filled bags used in breast augmentation, buttock implants are solid shapes made of soft silicone. Buttock implants are available in a number of shapes and sizes, however the right shape for each individual is based on their desire and on their current build and stature.

  • Essential to stop Smoking at least 3 weeks before surgery and until wounds are fully healed or at least 2 weeks after.
  • Avoid Aspirin/Ibuprofen type drugs for 3 weeks prior to surgery.

Fat Transfer Procedure

On the first visit, fat is harvested from the source location, typically the abdomen. This is done using liposuction. A portion of the fat is then injected into the desired location, in this case the buttocks. A reserve of fat is then kept for subsequent visits. Because a percentage of the fat injected is absorbed by the body, additional injections are required from the stored fat, usually at least six weeks apart. The subsequent injections are done at no additional charge and usually take only a few minutes.

Fat Transfer to the Buttocks Recovery

In order for the fat to keep it’s positioning and to “take,” it is recommended that the patient remain off of the buttocks for 5 days. There is very mild discomfort at first and some temporary swelling can occur in excess of the desired swelling. The fat injection itself is a low risk procedure. The liposuction risks are the same as with any liposuction procedure .

Buttock Implant Procedure Overview

The procedure is approximately two hours in length and is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. A 2-3 inch incision is made in between the buttocks along the midline or “crack.” Through this incision the surgeon lifts the buttock muscle, or gluteus maximums, to make a pocket just large enough for the implant. The implant is then inserted into the pocket. Another implant is placed, using this same method, in the other “cheek.” Before the incision is sealed, the surgeon examines the patient to ensure that the new implants appear natural and symmetrical and adjustments are made if needed. The incision is then stitched using dissolvable stitches and the area is wrapped in compression bandages for protection and to reduce discomfort and swelling.

Since this is an area of the body that is required for walking, sitting, and so many other movements, patients might experience greater pain during the recovery period than other common cosmetic surgery procedures and the recovery time is usually longer. Pain medications typically are prescribed to help with the discomfort, but after approximately 5-7 days the patient is able to be up and about; moving, walking, and sitting more comfortably.There is generally very little swelling and bruising after buttock augmentation so the results may be seen very soon after surgery. Full physical activities are usually permitted within a month after surgery.

Surgery Length3 hours
Side Effects
Recovery PeriodBack to work: 2 weeks. More strenuous activity: 4 to 6 weeks.
Stay in Hospital2 days
Stay in Thailand10-14 days
  • Garment worn day and night for 3 weeks.
  • Sitting will be un-comfortable for 2 weeks, use soft cushion.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise for 6 weeks.
  • Showering permitted on Day 2.
  • Apply Micropore tape (1 inch) along the scar for 3 months to prevent stretching and accelerate scar softening. Vitamin E creams may be used after this period.